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We are happy to announce the India 2024 season, with Sri Prem Baba, from January 7 to March 26, 2024. This season marks the beginning of a new phase of his work in the world and, for this reason, it will have a rather special and more extensive program than last year.

Find out what the spiritual service offered by Sri Prem Baba in India is and what Darshan means.

There will be some new features this season.
Check out the schedule below:

• January 7-15 •

Opening Path
Karma Yoga

Period for seva (selfless service) at the Ashram to prepare for the season;

• January 14-20 •

Sacred Rishikesh Pilgrimage

Visits to sacred places in the region, including temples, ashrams and darshans with Swamis friends of Sri Prem Baba

• Jan 22 to Feb 14 •

Satsangs season PART 1

  • Satsangs season at Dhyan Mandir Ashram, with Vedic ceremonies during the day (Sachcha Lineage Pujas, fire ceremonies, Guru Puja) and bonfire evenings with mantras with Sri Prem Baba

• Feb 15 to Mar 11 •

Satsangs season PART 2

  • Satsangs season at Dhyan Mandir and Sachcha Dham. The program continues at Dhyan Mandir, but on certain days we will have satsangs at Sachcha Dham.

• March 12-26 •

Silence Retreat at Dhyan Mandir

  • March 12-26: Silence Retreat at Dhyan Mandir. A period of deep internal diving through silence.

*March 8th

*Mahashivaratri happens

Mahashivaratri happens on March 8th and Holi on March 26th

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Travel Guide here.

Everything you need to know to have a smooth trip and a comfortable season.

Venue: Dhyan Mandir Ashram, located in the rural area of Rishikesh, in northern India.


There are limited rooms available at the Ashram, so we recommend that you don’t wait to register if you want to guarantee your place. You can make your reservation for packages that include more than one event.

For more information and to register for the events:

Opening Paths | Karma Yoga, the Pilgrimage and the Satsangs Seasons

Silence Retreat
at Dhyan Mandir

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